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Air pollution, Section 1

Are the results of air pollution exaggerated? Are they underneath-said? What about businesses like the EPA, which are charged with defending Earth – and individuals – f…

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PLASTICIZED ~ Function Documentary Movie

PLASTICIZED is an intimate account of a primary-hand trip aboard the Sea Dragon with the 5 Gyres Institute on the very first scientific excursion, centered …

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How China's Air pollution Was a Nationwide Emergency

Most cancers Villages: The surprising extent of Chinese language air pollution For downloads and extra knowledge consult with: http://www.journeyman.television/?lid=63641 The Chinese language governmen…

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Documentaire : Nucléaire, une air pollution sturdy

France, Niger, Irlande, Belgique : La air pollution du cycle nucléaire, de l'extraction de l'uranium au recyclage des déchets. Commentaires bienvenus. Merci d'av…

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